Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Big Day

Its 363 days till the wedding!
The ceremony is going to be at the Piper Palm House in Tower Grove Park. I was looking at pictures we took when we visited it and I just love it. I think its the perfect place for us to get married.
The reception is going to be on the fourth floor of Neo, with drinks on the rooftop garden.
We don't have much else planned right now. I'm sure this year is going to go by fast. We better get planning!


Ellenj18 said...

Love that your going to blog about the wedding! Your next post should be the bridesmaid dresses :) hahaha

Katie G said...

Dude, i love your wedding/ jealous! I posted some info about the photographer we have, in case you were interested/hadn't found one yet. I really like her. She is a talker, i will say, but very friendly...and you get more for you money. I haven't worked with her yet so, i can't really say...but i think i'll like her. I would recommend talking to her, but i wouldn't be offended if you didn't like her or anything. I just wanted to let you know...good luck!!

Nancy said...

The Piper House .. Neo .. awesome .