Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2015 Creativity Kick Off

A good friend of mine has another good friend, who from what I hear is awesome. This awesome friend of a friend completed 52 projects in 2014. 52 projects! And they weren't small tasks, she knitted cowls & sweaters, built shelves, did some amazing things. I should mention she also has a toddler and spent part of 2014 prego! I was in awe when I happened upon her blog. This blog, this amazing woman and her talent keeps popping into my head. It's been at least a month since I learned of this and I haven't been able to shake it. I have been feeling less than creative lately and also wanting a project. I can't commit myself to 52 projects, it just sounds crazy right now. Summer is getting closer and I have countless camping adventures, various weekend trips and one half marathon in the months ahead. I want to do something though. I am thinking 12 projects, one each month. I don't know if I want to end in December and catch up on January and February or go until February 2016. I think I will let how the projects I choose go and see if I catch up. I selected my first project tonight. It actually is one I have done before, but I really enjoyed it. Its a fabric alphabet. I made Harper a set months ago and she loves them. It is such a joy to see her playing with something I made especially for her. It feels right that my first project would be something I would love to make Louis, since one of his BFFs mom inspired my creativity kickoff. I got the good old sewing machine out tonight and ready to go and got one letter done. 25 more to go!

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