Thursday, May 19, 2011

House for Sale?

Well I seem to have gotten behind on posting. We have had a lot going on though. For starters we put our house up for sale!

We even buried a St Joseph statue in the yard for good luck. (Thanks Aunt Nancy for sending it to us!)

If you aren't familiar with doing this, some believe that burying a St Joseph statue in your yard will help sell your house. You can read more here.

Well we are anxious people and we have a deadline looming. I was only going to be working for two months after we put the house up for sale and after then we would have a mortgage and rent to pay, with just one income. So we really weren't giving St Joesph not much time to do his magic. After a month on the market we put the house up for rent, as well as still for sale. The first people to come and view the house to rent wanted it! So we choose to just rent the house for now and sell later. It is a huge weight off of both Steve and I to know that someone will be in the house and the mortgage on top of rent does not have to be a worry right now.

Hopefully I will have more updates soon!

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Gilmore-Kozlen said...

Yeah!!!! That is a huge worry GONE!