Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

I got to go visit Steve over easter weekend. It was on a whim. I had planned to spend easter with my good friend Lauren and her family. But at 2pm that Friday Steve called and was looking at plane tickets and we were trying to figure out when a good weekend would be for me to come and visit. No weekends seemed to be good ones. Next thing I knew Steve had booked me a ticket and I was flying out at 8pm that night!
It was a super short visit but it was worth it. I forgot to take many pictures while I was there but here are a few...
We went to Pike Market and strolled around. Had some wonderful seafood (crab omlette & the biggest oyster shooters ever)
Love all the flowers!
I also got to check out the condo we are going to live in and we signed the lease on it that weekend. I felt better about it getting to see it in person. It is going to be an adjustment for sure though.

We went to an awesome farmers market in our neighborhood(Ballard). More to come on this place I am sure once I am moved up there.
Thank you Steve for just up and buying a plane ticket. It was a much needed weekend together and I had a blast!

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