Thursday, July 1, 2010

Garden - Version 2010 Part II

Garden update! My garden is growing by leaps and bounds lately. Hopefully it makes it through our week away.
I am a little sad though that my lettuce is not doing so hot. I think I waited to late to plant it this year. It did awesome last year, but I planted it much earlier. I think we will get a few heads out of it, but not many. Oh well there is always the Fall to try again.

My deck plants...onions and cucumbers.

Roma tomatoes starting to grow.

Cherry tomatoes growing too! And just a few days after I took these pictures my Celebrity tomato plant started to fruit also. We are going to be in tomato city soon. Any good ideas on what to make with all of them or a good salsa recipe?
Eggplant...this is a first for me to grow this year. I think its looking pretty good so far.

Our first garden picked and ate veggie this year. A giant green onion. We picked it just to see how big they were getting. Then used it chopped up and sauteed in some ground turkey for tacos. It was delicious.


theslandkwshow said...

I love the new kozbots format!!

Holly Jett said...

Caprese Salad with all those tomatoes! Yummy!