Friday, March 12, 2010

St Patricks Day

The weather was so nice early this week. I think one day even hit in the 60s! I was so excited to get to finally do some outside runs. It didn't last though, the past two days are rainy and cold. But the warm days did get me excited for race season. I feel like it has been so long since we have done a race. Saturday will be our first one, I think since doing the KC Half Marathon! It is a St. Patricks Day race in Westport. I've got my green running shorts & shirt all laid out. Lets hope the weather picks back up and I don't have to break out a St Pats sweatshirt to run in!
Oh and after this week there are only 4 more weeks until the half marathon! We got signed up this week and I am so excited that I will have fans at this one. My mom and mama are coming to Olathe that weekend! It means so much to me that they will be there. 13.1 miles will be so much easier knowing there could be a friendly face just around a corner to cheer you on.

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Nancy said...

Hope you guys had a good time ! How did you do ? Sooo glad your mom and Mama are going to be there for you at the marathon :) XO