Sunday, January 17, 2010

Olathe Half

I have decided that I am going to attempt another half marathon. This time I am planning on actually training...that didn't go so well last time with planning the wedding and taking a vacation during the training time. I have not been running like we used to so it may prove to be a bigger challenge than I realize.

The race is the Olathe Half Marathon. It is April 10th (a Saturday for anyone that wants to come and see us run it). Monday marks day 1 of the training plan I am going to be using. I will probably find myself on the treadmill training the next week or two. This snow better melt soon though cause I am not sure I can endure more than 4 miles on the treadmill.

I believe at this point Steve is going to run it also, but he isn't going to follow a strict training plan. He's lucky enough to have running come more naturally to him. I also have a few girlfriends that are planing on running it also. We are going to work at keeping each other motivated to continue with the training. We might even be able to get in some runs together during the training. If anyone else wants to join in let me know. There is a marathon or a 5K you could do also. It should be fun to prepare for this race and run it with friends. Right now I am excited, I might find myself pissed I decided to do this in a few weeks though. haha


Nancy said...

I think it's great ! You might want to friend Maya on Facebook , she is going to start running too .. you can encourage her :)
Good luck !
Love you ..XXXOOO

Nancy said...

Hows the training going ?