Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a husband who is super handy. Especially when you own a house and are very picky about how things turn out. :) Over the last few years we have lived in our house Steve's skills have been put to the test by himself and by me. He's built some window treatments off of little direction from my aunts and I. Made an awesome brick patio and re-did most of it after my criticism. He has done countless other projects, but his latest tops them all. We have redone our basement, it was livable when we bought the house....if you wanted to hang out in what looked like a crappy barn. The whole room is amazing, thanks to Steve. You can read all about his amazing work here. I want to talk about one part of the room...the mantel. He took this drawing I made and turned it into reality.

Now I know nothing about building, nothing about how wood goes together, dimensions or anything. I just knew what I wanted it to look like. This poses a very big challenge to Steve. He now has to take my drawing and make it look as great as the picture in my mind. Minus one mini blow out at home depot (I am sure the Home Depot workers have seen greater arguments), I think it went quite well. I am sure Steve might say differently, as he had to actually put it together. I must say though that I LOVE how it turned out, it definitely met and even exceeded all my expectations. It looks better than it did in my mind even, but you should just see for yourself!

Thank you Steve!


Holly Jett said...

Love it! Can't wait to see the room with the furniture you've picked out. Keep the photos coning!

Nancy said...

It looks great ! Steve is incredible ! I'm with Holly , keep the pic's coming !
Your house is def becomingyour home :) Love you