Monday, September 13, 2010

Family Time

Our newest Skyping buddy! :)
Isn't she such a cutie? Kim and Brian got a camera for their laptop this past weekend and Sunday night Steve and I had a Skype date with them and Leah. Leah was just amazed at the technology. haha. She would just stare and stare and us on the computer screen. A little much for her brain to understand just yet that her Aunt and Uncle are in a different city talking to her. After just looking at us like we were on tv for a while she showed off a lot of her new skills.
It was awesome getting to watch her push her piano around the room, try to wave at us and pull cords and keys off the computer. Steve and I are both so happy to get to spend some "quality" time with our niece. Thanks Kim and Brian for getting the camera, we look forward to many more Sunday nights visiting!

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Nancy said...

Technology is wonderful ! I love it that you can share these moments .